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Dutch Bros is known for its fun, creative drink names that make ordering coffee an entertaining experience. One of their most unique flavors is the Dinosaur Egg Dutch Bros drink, a tropical blend of flavors reminiscent of childhood summers. In this informative guide, we’ll take a close look at what exactly Dinosaur Egg is and why it stands out on the Dutch Bros menu.

An Overview of Dutch Bros’ Diverse Drink Selection

Founded in 1992, Dutch Bros has grown rapidly beyond its Oregon roots, with over 480 locations across 12 states. While starting out primarily serving coffee, espresso, and coffee smoothies, Dutch Bros now offers a wide array of beverage options including:

  • Rebel energy drinks – Dutch Bros’ line of proprietary canned energy drinks packed with natural flavor and vitamins.
  • Freezes and smoothies – Blended fruit, yogurt, and juice drinks sometimes mixed with coffee.
  • Fountain sodas – Classic sodas, often with fun twists like their cotton candy flavor.
  • Cold brew and iced coffees – Slow-steeped cold coffee served over ice.
  • Lemonades and teas – Freshly made drinks with real fruit purees.

This diverse menu allows customers to get more than just regular drip coffee at Dutch Bros. Within their unique fountain drink options is where you’ll find the Dinosaur Egg flavor.

What is the Dinosaur Egg Dutch Bros Drink?

The Dinosaur Egg Dutch Bros drink combines flavors of blue raspberry, strawberry, white chocolate, and almond. When mixed together, it creates a light blue-green color reminiscent of a dinosaur egg.

Dinosaur Egg is available as a:

  • Rebel energy drink – The classic Dutch Bros energy drink with added vitamins.
  • Frost – A slushy-like frozen blended drink.
  • Fountain soda – Served chilled over ice.

This fun, nostalgic flavor combination evokes memories of childhood and summertime. The blue raspberry and strawberry mix creates a tart, berry-filled drink, while the white chocolate tones down the tang. Finally, the almond drizzle on top adds a nutty, creamy sweetness.

Dinosaur Egg Nutrition Information

As a Rebel energy drink, the Dinosaur Egg flavor packs a hefty caffeine punch with 158mg per 16oz serving. It also contains high amounts of sugar – 59g per 16oz serving.

For a less sugary option, consider asking for a sugar-free version or getting it as a frosted drink rather than a soda. The small 8oz frosted Dinosaur Egg drink contains about 270 calories and 34g of sugar.

In comparison, another Dutch Bros Rebel drink – Shark Attack – contains 140mg of caffeine and 54g of sugar per 16oz serving.

So the Dinosaur Egg Rebel gives you an extra caffeinated kick compared to other flavors. Keep this energy boost in mind if you need help getting through the 2pm slump!

The History and Growth of Dutch Bros Coffee

Dutch Bros began in 1992 when brothers Dane and Travis Boersma started brewing and serving espresso-based drinks from their pushcart in Grants Pass, Oregon.

It quickly gained a local following, and they opened their first coffee shop in 1995. Through strategic franchise partnerships, the company then rapidly expanded throughout the west coast.

In 2020, Dutch Bros had over 480 locations and 10,000 employees. They primarily operate through their efficient drive-thru model, which became even more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dutch Bros is planning to continue growing in 2021, opening 100 additional locations this year alone. New shops will appear in existing as well as brand new states for the company.

About 70% of Dutch Bros stores are company-owned, rather than franchised. This allows them to better control product quality and the customer experience.

More Popular Dutch Bros Rebel Drink Flavors

Beyond Dinosaur Egg, Dutch Bros offers many other unique flavor combinations in their Rebel line of energy drinks. Some of their other top selling flavors include:

  • Electric Berry – A combination of raspberry, blackberry, and boysenberry flavors. This berry infusion is tart and crisp.
  • Aftershock – This drink packs a citrus punch with flavors of lemon, lime, and ginger.
  • Shark Attack – Dutch Bros describes this as a “deep dive into berry flavor” and it contains blue raspberry, strawberry, and acai juice.
  • Peach – A sweet peach nectar flavor. This lighter option is not overly sugary or acidic.

In addition to pre-made flavors, you can also customize your own drink by choosing a base and adding flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and coconut.

Satisfy Your Cravings with Dinosaur Egg Dutch Bros

The Dinosaur Egg Dutch Bros drink offers the perfect combination of fruit flavors reminiscent of childhood. With its bursts of blue raspberry, strawberry, creamy white chocolate, and nutty almond, this tropical oasis will transport you back to carefree summer days.

Its refreshing yet nostalgic taste makes Dinosaur Egg a stand-out option on the Dutch Bros menu. Stop by your local Dutch Bros shop and give this unique beverage a try next time you need an energy boost or want to quench your thirst with a sweet, fruity drink.

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