Pizza Restaurants In Mont-Tremblant

When it comes to dining options in Mont-Tremblant, the choices are abundant. However, one cuisine that stands out is Italian, and pizza in particular has gained immense popularity among locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re craving a classic Margherita or a unique gourmet creation, Tremblant has some of the best pizza restaurants to satisfy your taste buds.

Yaoooo Pizza Pub

If you’re looking for the ultimate spot to enjoy a fantastic meal in Mont-Tremblant, look no further than Yaoooo Pizza Pub. Located at 123 Chem. de Kandahar, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1E2, this establishment is renowned as the number one place to eat out in Tremblant. To make a reservation or inquire about their offerings, you can reach them at +18196814616.

Yaoooo Pizza Pub is known for its delicious and unique pizza creations that will leave you craving more. But it’s not just the food that sets this place apart. The warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with the welcoming staff, creates an experience that is truly memorable. Whether you choose to dine in or take advantage of their takeout options, you can expect exceptional service and mouthwatering pizza. The pub-like environment, complete with rock music and a selection of draft beers, adds an extra touch of enjoyment to your dining experience.

Pizza & Cie

Pizza & Cie, located at 1 Rue de St Jovite #814, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec J8E 3J8, is a haven for pizza lovers. To get in touch with them or make a reservation, you can call +18194258233. What sets Pizza & Cie apart is its innovative menu, which offers a variety of options beyond just pizza. From hamburgers and sandwiches to salads, there’s something for everyone.

When it comes to pizza, Pizza & Cie truly shines. With a selection of 30 different types of original, homemade pizzas, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Each pizza is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring a burst of flavors with every bite. The friendly ambiance of the restaurant adds to the overall experience, and on weekends, you have the opportunity to enjoy live music on the terrace, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

Toujours Mikes

Toujours Mikes, located at 385 Rue de St Jovite, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 2Z9, is a trendy spot known for its Italian cuisine. To reach Toujours Mikes or place an order for delivery, you can contact them at +18194253706. The restaurant offers a delightful selection of dishes, including delicious wines, tomato bruschetta, steak salads, and margaritas.

What sets Toujours Mikes apart is not just the delectable food but also the homelike ambiance and friendly staff. Whether you’re dining in or opting for their convenient food delivery service, you can expect a warm and welcoming experience. Toujours Mikes is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a taste of Italy in the heart of Mont-Tremblant.

Le Vieux Four

Located at 973 Rue de St Jovite, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 3J8, Le Vieux Four is a must-visit pizza restaurant in the area. With its cozy and inviting atmosphere, it provides the perfect setting for a delightful dining experience. The restaurant’s contact number is +18194255992, making it easy to make reservations or inquire about their offerings.

Le Vieux Four is known for its exceptional dishes, including their Linguine Carbonara and Prosciutto La Roquette pizza. The Linguine Carbonara is a creamy pasta dish that perfectly combines bacon, eggs, and Parmesan cheese. As for the Prosciutto La Roquette pizza, it features a thin crust topped with prosciutto, arugula, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

Whether you prefer to dine in or enjoy your pizza on the go, Le Vieux Four offers both options. Their commitment to quality extends to their service, ensuring that every customer receives a memorable experience.

La Pizzateria

Situated at 118, ch. Kandahar, c.p. 2822, succ. B, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1B1, La Pizzateria is another fantastic pizza restaurant worth exploring. Its prime location in the heart of the village and near the ski slopes makes it a convenient stop for hungry skiers and visitors. To reach La Pizzateria, you can contact them at +18196814522.

La Pizzateria is known for its mouthwatering pizza creations that will leave you craving for more. Alongside their delicious pizzas, they also offer a variety of beverages to complement your meal, including Sangria, Kir royal, and draft beer. The combination of delectable food and refreshing drinks creates a truly enjoyable dining experience.

One of the highlights of La Pizzateria is its positive and peaceful ambiance. Whether you’re dining with friends, family, or a loved one, the restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage for a relaxed and memorable evening.

Mont-Tremblant is not only a famous destination for skiers and outdoor enthusiasts but also a haven for food lovers. With its breathtaking landscapes and thrilling activities, it offers a perfect getaway vacation. And let’s not forget the delicious pizza restaurants that add to the charm of this destination.

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