Where to Buy BBQ Doritos?

BBQ Doritos have been around since the 1990s and have amassed a cult following of chip lovers drawn to the combination of corn chips, MSG, and artificial barbecue flavoring. While you may easily spot Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese Doritos at any corner store, the popular BBQ variety can be harder to locate.

I’ll cover all the best places to buy BBQ Doritos below, from major grocery stores and convenience stores to online shops. I’ll also provide tips on finding limited edition BBQ flavors and similar alternative snacks to consider when your store is out of this coveted chip.

So grab a napkin and get ready to learn where you can get your hands on crisp, finger-staining BBQ Doritos!

Grocery Stores

Most major supermarket chains carry BBQ Doritos on their shelves. When searching for this sweet and smoky snack, look near other tortilla chips or in aisle displays featuring the latest Doritos releases.


As the nation’s largest grocer, Walmart nearly always stocks standard size BBQ Doritos bags for under $4 in the chip section. Occasionally you may spot discounted medium bags or the 1.75oz single serve packs.

Check Walmart’s website to view current pricing and availability at your local store. In a pinch, you can order BBQ Doritos online for curbside pickup or delivery.


Target sells 11oz bags of BBQ flavored Doritos for everyday low prices around $3 in-store and online. Their website and app make it easy to check flavors in stock at your neighborhood Target before heading to the store.


The Kroger family of grocery stores (Ralphs, Fred Meyer, etc.) regularly sell both normal and family size bags of zesty BBQ Doritos. Bags are affordably priced between $3-5 depending on your region.

You’ll find them on the chip aisle alongside other Doritos varieties. Kroger also runs digital coupons and promotions like buy one, get one free deals that cut costs.


At Albertsons banners such as Safeway, 11oz original BBQ Doritos typically retail just under $4. Monitoring weekly sales can score you some nice discounts. Albertsons also offers convenient grocery pick up and delivery options.

Other Grocery Chains

In addition, regional grocery stores like H-E-B, Publix, Winn-Dixie, andFood Lion have 11oz bags of BBQ Doritos in stock for $3 to $4. Their everyday low pricing beats convenience stores.

Check the circulars and apps of your local supermarket chains to pinpoint the best price on zesty BBQ Doritos this week.

Convenience Stores

In a pinch, convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Wawa sell single BBQ Doritos bags and cups. Just know that you’ll pay a bit more for the convenience factor.


At 7-Eleven, you can grab standard 1.75oz BBQ Dorito packs for under $2. Occasionally you might find larger share size bags as well. Prices vary by franchise location.

Circle K

Similar to 7-Eleven, Circle K offers single serve BBQ Doritos bags perfect for snacking on the go. Bags cost between $1-2. Circle K runs regular promotions across beverages, snacks, and more, so check for deals before paying.


Wawa convenience stores sell standard BBQ Doritos along with popular limited time flavors. Grab single serve and medium bags for between $2-4 depending on size and current promotions.

Other Convenience Stores

Chains like Casey’s, QuickTrip, Maverik, and Sheetz also have regular and single size BBQ Dorito bags ranging from $1.50 to $4.

Though paying full price at convivence stores isn’t always budget-friendly, they can bail you out if the grocery store runs out.

Online Stores

Can’t find BBQ Doritos locally? Simply shop online! Major retailers sell pantry staples like BBQ Doritos via their ecommerce sites.


Search for “BBQ Doritos” on Amazon to view dozens of listing for both original and limited run flavors. Amazon Prime members get free 1-day shipping on eligible items.


Walmart.com carries the full range of Doritos flavors for in-store prices plus free curbside pickup. Local inventory and pricing is viewable online for a convenient buying experience.


At Target.com, order multiple bags of BBQ flavored Doritos for delivery or drive-up pickup orders. Target RedCard debit/credit cards save you 5% automatically.


Buy cases of BBQ Doritos direct from the manufacturer on FritoLay.com. Build your own variety pack by mixing and matching Doritos types. Perfect for stocking up for parties or as gifts.

Specialty Stores

Beyond big box grocers, try these specialty food and import stores for BBQ Doritos.

World Market

Foodie destination World Market is renowned for its global chip selection, including rare Doritos like BBQ Chili Cheese Corn. Prices average $3 per bag. Sign up for their loyalty program to earn discount coupons on future purchases.

Snack City

Mall kiosk chain Snack City peddles classic, new, and imported Doritos flavors for between $2-$5 per bag. Call ahead to ask if they have BBQ in stock.

Regional Availability

BBQ Doritos distribution varies by region. They’re typically easy to find year-round in most areas, but may have limited seasonal production in certain markets.

The bold smoky snack is a staple in stores across the Midwest, South, and West Coast. But Northeasterners report occasional shortages in areas like New York and Pennsylvania.

If BBQ Doritos sell out in your locale, the tips below can aid your quest to replenish this beloved barbecue-dusted chip.

Limited Time Flavors

Alongside the OG BBQ recipe, Doritos periodically unveils special variations for a restricted window—which ups the chase factor for hardcore fans.

Past limited edition BBQ spins to look out for include:

  • Sweet & Smoky BBQ (Summer 2022)
  • Carolina BBQ (Fall 2021)
  • Spicy Sweet BBQ with Blazin’ Buffalo Sauce (Spring 2020)

Follow @Doritos on social media for early buzz on any upcoming specialty BBQ Dorito releases or rereleases. These flavors disappear fast once they hit store shelves!

Tips for Finding BBQ Doritos

What do you do when you race to the nearest gas station at midnight with a BBQ Dorito craving—only to find them out of stock?

Here are my best tips for tracking down bags of smoky, tongue-staining BBQ Doritos:

  • Call ahead to your local stores to check flavor availability before going. Saves driving time!
  • Ask clerks to check inventory scanners for up-to-date stock levels on BBQ Doritos.
  • Check expiration and production dates on bags. Pick ones that are freshly made.
  • Sign up for manufacturer emails from Frito-Lay to receive Doritos news and coupons.
  • Stop by bigger grocery stores, as they turnover chips faster. Better odds of fresh BBQ stock.

With persistence and some insider moves, you’ll ultimately get your hands on those sweet and spicy BBQ Doritos you crave!

BBQ Chip Alternatives

When BBQ Doritos remain mysteriously unavailable in your area, consider buying these similar BBQ flavored potato chips and tortilla chips to subdue savory cravings:

  • Fritos BBQ Twists
  • Lay’s Kettle Cooked Carolina BBQ chips
  • Food Should Taste Good Multigrain BBQ Chips
  • Snyder’s of Hanover BBQ Rib Potato Chips
  • Tostitos BBQ Flavored Tortilla Chips

The spices and sauce flavor profiles differ slightly. But in a fix, these barbecue alternatives make decent replacements.


I hope this guide serves you well on your pursuit to purchase beloved zesty BBQ Doritos—whether rare limited editions or classic recipes.

With all the locations covered—from the snacks aisle at Walmart to the Columbus Circle 7-Eleven—you now have the inside track on where to find BBQ Doritos locally or delivered to your door.

Now get out there, track down those tangy sweet and smoky chips, and satisfy your fiery barbecue cravings! Just be sure to lick the flammable seasoning off your fingers before igniting any matches.

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